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Incunabula Night Lights Denver

Client: Denver Theater District

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Public Art Agent

Denver Theater District

Industry Resource

Display Devices

Industry Resource

Digital Projection


The Denver Theater District approached Limelight to help the City of Denver accomplish an ambitious project; develop landmark public attractions through the use of projection mapping. Due to Limelight's experience, our team was tasked with creating an artwork that could be used perpetually, to anchor an ever rotating showcase of artists on the Daniels & Fisher Clock Tower in Downtown Denver.


The goal of this project was simple yet challenging; develop an artwork that could wow the public, city and local businesses by showcasing this emerging medium, without going "over the top" and cheapening the space. Limelight gave a nod to the evolution of Denver by moving the piece from organic, natural elements to powerful and captivating architectural construction. In the end, Incunabula was a hit, and a part of project that has received a lot of local media attention and propelled the city forward to take on additional permanent projection mapping installations.