In the Groove - CODAworx

In the Groove

Submitted by Mindy Rodman

Client: Ellen Nadel

Location: Encino, CA, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $4,200

Project Team


Mindy Rodman

Rodman White House


Paul White

Rodman White House


“In the Groove” is an abstract steel sculpture of a trumpet player. He was designed to fit into an architectural niche in our client's home.


Our client wanted us to make a sculpture of a trumpet player that would fill the space of an architectural niche that existed in the grand foyer of the home. They sent us a video of the space as well as a scale drawing. We designed the piece to be site specific, without ever seeing the actual space until the day of installation.


We involved our clients in every step of the fabrication process, by sending them emailed jpegs as we worked on the maquette and then the actual piece. They got to choose everything from the grind in the metal of the body, to the color choices and facial features. We recreated their niche out of cardboard in our studio, to be sure the finished piece would fit into the space the way we envisioned it to.