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Imagination Is Limitless

Client: Maryland School for the Blind

Location: Baltimore, MD, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Lea de Wit

interior designer

Linda James

Kirk Designs

program coordinator

Nicole Carroll



This inspiring installation is the focal point for an innovative educational space. Designed to harmonize with the prominent circular architectural element of the space, this sculptural composition spirals in towards the main reading area of the library and is approximately 16’L x 6’W x 4’H. It is comprised of 70 suspended metal butterfly sculptures, pigmented in a bright color transition. It welcomes you into the space & draws your gaze upward, filling the room with an expansive & optimistic feeling.


The suspended composition was intended to be hopeful, whimsical, & captivating for the visually impaired patrons of the library. Bright colors that were complementary of the interior materials were to be employed. The design needed to appeal to patrons with a wide variety of visual impairments as well as be sensitive to the blind patrons & those with a variety of disabilities.


Metal was chosen as the medium for this installation because it allowed for a larger scale composition within the client’s budget than the initially proposed medium of glass. Additionally, metal is lightweight which was optimal for a suspended installation in a drop ceiling. The artist / installer team worked with the interior designer to ensure that the final layout integrated well with the prominent, circular, suspended architectural element focal to the artwork composition. The placement of the lights in the space were not exactly as specified in the drawings provided so the installation required some field fitting. These & other specification changes led to the necessity of on site adjustments during the installation. All of which were approached in a problem solving & collaborative manner while maintaining design integrity.