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Illumination Tree

Submitted by Jezebel Wells

Client: Albuquerque Sunport

Location: Albuquerque, NM, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $999,000

Project Team


Jezebel Wells


Roy Lazoya

Jezebel Inc.


“Illumination Tree” by Jezebel is made of fine art glass and steel. This massive chandelier is an entry piece at the Albuquerque Sunport, located in the center front window of the Main Hall. Measuring 14.5' x 14.5', the chandelier weighs an estimated 1,400 lbs.
The Sculptural Chandelier is a tree growing out of the ceiling; six large tree branches with multiple smaller branches with 148,2 watt LED, bulbs. Stained glass blossoms reflect the colors of a New Mexico sunrise/sunset. Most of the blossoms have multiple glass pieces; the total glass count is almost 300 pieces.


The form and its colors have an uplifting and peaceful presence that seems to defy gravity as it hovers in suspension on a single clamp attached to the above I-beam.

The organic design combines the earthly life forms with the ethereal sky elements. Designed to embody the romantic merging of Earth and Sky, the artwork is a proper reflection of Jezebel's motto: Romance with nature. Romantically merging Earth (terrestrial life) and Sky (heavenly life). The brightly stained glass blends softly to reflect the colors of the Southwest.

Her individual artworks are designed for each specific location and executed by her team of artisans. Jezebel holds a patent for her unique technique of shaping her kiln-formed glass. The steel is hand forged and wired in her UL registered studio.


Jezebel worked closely with the airports' architect, engineer, electricians and administration, as well as the Albuquerque Arts Board to create this sculptural chandelier that reflects both Southwest and the airports love of the sky. At every step, she consulted with the airports administration to determine the proper location, size, shape, color and form. The metal work is hand-forged steel, done by Jezebel's trained team of local artisans. The glass is hand-rolled sheet glass; which is then slumped using a process patented to Jezebel. Jezebel hired a specialist to assist with installation. Jezebel enjoyed the collaboration of working with a team and creating a project that fulfills the vision of everyone involved. Serving the public in a work like this is an honor.

Additional Information

This was the first time a project of this size and scale had been attempted by Jezebel and her team. They are now ready for other projects which may be of a similar scale.