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Idea Exchange Projection Mapping System

Submitted by John Coniglio

Client: Idea Exchange Projection Mapping System

Location: Cambridge, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $820,000

Project Team

Conceptual Design

John Coniglio

Aligned Vision Group

Project Manager & Commissioning

Guy Wallace

Aligned Vision Group


Video Projection Mapping was a key to this Historical building located in Downtown Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. The project’s objective was to encourage locals to come to their downtown city core to watch a free show on one of the most historical buildings the city has.

The integration for this artistic video mapping installation was to meet the specific needs of the major of Cambridge, while providing a solution that tastefully added to the buildings architecture. The client wanted to achieve a design that provided entertainment, and of course have an influence on the audience so that they would take pictures and post to social media to help promote.

The fully automated projection mapping system is programmed to start the “Show” at different times per each season of the year. A 5-minute countdown is provided to the audience as a means to get them ready for the start of the show. Each scene within the show transforms the historic building into a variety of tradition art, 2D, 3D animations in theme with the time of year or special event. A music score is customized to the visual shown on the building and broadcasted over the FM radio waves to the audience’s car.


The goal had been to create something visually stunning and entertaining, architecturally pleasing, that wouldn’t take from the architectural standards of the building, while maintaining the original budget requirements. Integration was a large factor for this project. Technology integration was required so that it could be operated without the need of a technician. Programming had to be completed to have any possible theme show played at anytime within the 365-calendar year.


The process for this project started with the vision from the major who had experienced projection mapping during her time in Europe. The first design kickoff meeting was to determine the location of the projectors. Since there was not a building that could adopt the installation of the projectors, a custom structure was designed to have the projectors work at the proper height requirements as well as providing an area to allow technicians to service the projectors when required. Once the structure of the design had been approved by the City, the goods were ordered and the installation was scheduled to be completed.

In addition to the goods, content creation was required for the project. The mandate was to use local artists to make up the content for each show. Account manager John Coniglio acted as content director to organize the team to create each show that was required for this project.

Additional Information

The systems capabilities allow for remote monitoring including a remote camera so that from a service standpoint AV Group is capable of checking in any time to ensure the system is operable. Further, the system capabilities allows audiences to watch online if they can not attend in person. The projectors are kept safe from the Canadian weather using IP65 rated, weatherized projector enclosures. The following Aligned Vision Group team members are credited for this project. All design concepts completed as well as overall client liaison managed by John Coniglio. All design, CAD work and custom bracketing had been completed by Andrew Foord. Installation methodology, Project Management and final commissioning had been completed by Guy Wallace. All programming, system scheduling and ongoing program updates / monitoring had been completed by Kevin Putrus and Andrew Cwierdzinski.