High Cotton - CODAworx

High Cotton

Submitted by Pamela Edwards

Client: Hunt County Public Art

Location: Greenville, TX, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Pamela Edwards

Public Art Agent

Hunt County Public Art


Helping to revitalize a city’s historic downtown area, High Cotton is the largest and one of few public art commissions in Hunt County. Presented as a vertical timeline (top to bottom), this hand-painted hard-edge abstraction celebrates the rich geologic history of former cotton boomtown Greenville, Texas. Mural alone is 90ft x 15ft.


This is one of few public art works in the County. The goal was to help local citizens gain an appreciation for art. It was commissioned by public and private funds raised within the community, and important to feature relatable imagery for community members.


The artist and designer for this project are one in the same. Upon request, the designer/artist presented a new concept to Hunt County Public Art group. Once the work was approved by this group, both collaborated on making presentations to clubs and community organizations. Also, a fundraising gala was organized. The work is located on a larger wall than originally intended. Approval by the Main Street Advisory Board (preserving historic downtown) was also required before work began. There were about 9 months from approval to project start date.

Additional Information

At top, wavy bands of blue indicate millions of years this region sat underwater. White and bright yellow-green hues represent salt and powdery sulfur deposits abundant in local soil. Below, a multicolor rectangular pattern pays homage to Native inhabitants who cultivated the land. The transition from bright blue to deep red-brown symbolizes water seeping into enriched earth. In contrast to colorful geometric layers above, colorless cotton whimsically emerges from blackland soil. Greenville became internationally known for its cotton.