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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Submitted by Digital Ambiance

Client: Fisher Marantz Stone

Location: Atlantic City, NJ, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Digital Ambiance

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In early 2018 Digital Ambiance was approached by the lighting design firm Fisher Marantz Stone to help bring to life the animated facade lighting for the new Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City.


The concept called for a series of 6 illuminated waves that flowed from one end of the U-shaped courtyard to the other along the inner facade of the courtyard, surrounding the main entrance in ambient light patterns that would reflect the seasonal mood of the Casino. In the center of the courtyard would be a 40 ft tall illuminated guitar with pixel mapped strings fabricated by Jones Sign. This would serve as the centerpiece of the installation and contain many audio reactive looks programmed by Digital Ambiance. Light patterns would flow from the facade through the guitar, unifying the experience and giving the courtyard a distinct look, subtle at times and dramatic and eye-catching at others.


The design for the facade lighting required a custom electrical and communication system to be designed in order to pass UL Field inspection. As is required by most new properties, all lighting features must pass stringent safety and quality controls in order to be insured. Digital Ambiance has worked with many designers to sculpt their ideas into workable designs, and this project was no exception.

The LED strip used to create the looks in the courtyard needed to be custom made to meet the specifications of the design, as no off the shelf product existed that would fit the needs of the project. Digital Ambiance worked with our manufacturing partners to create custom addressable IP68 rated LED strip that would work with our strategy to pass UL Field Inspection. Listing any installation with UL always brings with it unique challenges, but thanks to the experience we have gained over past projects, the engineering prowess of the
engineers at Nanode, and the tireless efforts of EGI Pro and countless union electricians, we designed and installed a system that cruised through the UL Listing process.

Additional Information

This project has been another example of Digital Ambiance working with a world-class architectural lighting design firm to bring their vision of a complex lighting feature to fruition. Using expertise in the fields of electrical engineering, LED programming, and the UL process, Digital Ambiance brings another epic architectural feature to life!