Submitted by HAVA Studios | White Art Studio

Client: Downtown KC Council | Art in the Loop

Location: Kansas City, MO, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team


Darin M. White

White Art Studio


Shannon White

White Art Studio


White Art Studio received this Art in the Loop Public Art Project by pitching a concept/location to curator, Jessica Bourski. SKYWAVE™ the gradual color-changing energy efficient LED lights illuminated the 55' suspended pathway above Walnut Street/12th, simulated a synesthetic experience for those in Downtown Kansas City. At night, the walkway became a dynamic light sculpture visible from the street and Oppenstein Brothers Memorial Park. In daylight, crowdsourced vinyl wave contours were visible on the sky bridge windows to infer the translation between sound waves and light waves. SKYWAVE™ was part of the White Art Studio GREEN NOTE PROJECT™.


The goal was to infuse the center of Downtown Kansas City and Oppenstein Park with an innovative, engaging and diverse collection of curated temporary and performance art. The City of Kansas City, Missouri's Arts Convergence Plan, specifically: Increase interaction with the arts, Enliven public spaces Downtown with the arts, and Engage people with each other and art in our public spaces. [Art in the Loop]
White Art Studio chose the skybridge location for the SKYWAVE™ site specific installation because of the visibility of the location and sheer volume of diverse traffic. They engaged crowds from the First Fridays Art Walk to help create the wave forms. Not only was the artwork viewable North and South from blocks away by pedestrians and vehicles it enlivened viewers with an immersive experience and highlighted the movement of interior foot traffic that cross through between corporate high rises, lofts and the vinyl waves. During the day the vinyl waves were visible by downtown public and by dusk the LED lights could be seen from the nearby Power and Light District. Many passersby commented how the installation improved their daily commute and their experience.


The 2015 Art in the Loop Project was a collaboration between the Art in the Loop Foundation, Downtown Council, and Downtown Community Improvement District. White Art Studio applied with a concept and location for the public art installation curated by Jessica Bourski. Shannon & Darin, artists, spoke about the proposed concept at an opening event. Ann Holiday, Director of Art in the Loop, the curator, Copaken-Brooks and the Whites discussed the proposed project logistics. The facilitator of the bridge Copaken-Brooks participated in the project and provided assistance in installation. Ann Holiday arranged installation/de-install dates. White Art Studio provided the design, goods/materials purchase, project management and install/de-install of the lights/vinyl, from the event at Arts KC at which the public drew their interpretation of wave forms. These forms were cut and applied by White Art Studio to the skybridge glass. SKYWAVE™ was photographed by Darin White and provided for inclusion in the Art in the Loop Catalog. A closing reception was held and the chosen artists including White Art Studio spoke about the project. Shannon White was the lead artist on this project.

Additional Information

The GREEN NOTE PROJECT™ is a public artwork installation, also a series of related interactive show collaborations and immersive workshops based on our mission as artrepreneurs to create illuminating experiences for and about our community. We hope to inspire people to think creatively through artistic multi-sensory engagement and experimentation, as we have through our research of the color green. We employ natural, scientific, technological and cross collaborative elements and themes throughout our project. They highlight the currency of creativity and collaboration. "The GNP™ is supported in part by the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission, which receives support from the NEA."