Golden Brass Falcon Sculpture - CODAworx

Golden Brass Falcon Sculpture


Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Sculpture design

Matt Kwest

Sculpture Manufacture

Sino Sculpture Group

Sino Sculpture Group


The painted Brass Falcon sculpture with a glittering appearance, spreads its wings, its eyes are piercing and its claws are firm and powerful, standing on a geometric figure base that represents the diamond. This significant gold painted falcon sculpture is designed by Artist Matt Kwest, viewed from the outside, the whole winged falcon is a patchwork design of different geometric panels. And it is finally achieved by several brass plates for the exterior panel and carbon steel as its interior support structure. Total spread width is 12m and 9m high with surface golden painted really bring us a tough work in a limited production time. Eventually, it took about one month to finish the fabrication work and about 20 days to complete the on-site installation work, and was finally erected in Jeddah, Arabia.


The image of such a Brass falcon sculpture designed by the artist is not accidental, because the falcon is a culturally traditional activity in the Middle East, it contains a rich Arab history. Today, the falcon has developed into a national sport in Arab countries and has played an important social and economic role in the country’s history.
Therefore, such a golden painted and domineering brass falcon sculpture not only reflects the local culture and national characteristics, but is also a symbol of wealth and power.


Design, fabrication, pre-assembly, packing, shipping, on-site installation.