Gina’s Modern Victorian - CODAworx

Gina’s Modern Victorian

Submitted by LOCZIdesign

Client: Gina

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team


Paige Loczi



Magnus Shevene


Less than 3,000 sqft. Gina, a well spoken even-keeled adventurer needed a space to reflect. She chose to reimagine a classic. Poised for a change in perspective, this
remodeled Victorian pied-a-terre sits like a jewel atop the hill in Pacific Heights, overlooking the San Francisco Bay.


A true diamond in the rough, we saw the opportunity to return the architecture to its former beauty by showcasing the vaulted-ceilings. Like a faceted stone, the changing sky refracts light through the chandeliers, and showers the walls with dynamic prisms.

The Milla Libman custom charcoal drawing depicts the atmospheric sky above and bay below while the Susie Bielher’s photograph of the ocean read like a smoky shadow under the warmly lit fireplace.

Black and white, angled and curved, classical and modern all coexist in this little gem. Magnus Schevene’s sinuous furniture gives way to strong straight lacquered planes. In the Magic Room, 70 fiber optic, Swarovski tipped “stars” in the shape of the seed of life fill the 10’ turret as the Yin Yang sofa in plush mohair provides fertile ground for solo meditation. Ethereal flowers, as if clouds, envelop you as you gaze upon the starry constellation and dream.


Both Milla Libman and Susie Bielher were open and truly patient as we worked to give the client what she truly desired. As the client was mostly at her permanent residence in the Napa Valley, the artists and design team worked together to view proofs and send to the client for approval.

Additional Information

LOCZIdesign considers every project to be an opportunity to bring together the ultra talented and openhearted artists and designers that are a part of the San Francisco culture. Together we forge to bring new life, ideas, emotions, and connectivity to the spaces we design.