Ascending and Leaves - CODAworx

Ascending and Leaves

Client: Sheila and Paul Gendron

Location: Keller, TX, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Cathy Shepherd

Cathy Shepherd Glass LLC


Kirby HIcks

Liquid Metal ArtWorks


In June of 2019, I met with the Gendrons to discuss artwork for their new, more contemporary dream home under construction in Keller. The dining room was the focus for “ocean inspired” artwork. I designed several life-size ideas on paper. We taped the designs on the drywall. The abstract leaf design and the totems won! Glass and dichroic colors were easy to choose. My favs! Ascending ( 2- totems) are 12 by 52″ each. The leaves span 14' by 3' and are mounted on hand brushed aluminum by Kirby Hicks


To fill the space.


My welding/aluminum designer is Kirby Hicks. I drew both the glass and aluminum leaves in the size needed. Then laid them out as they would be seen on the wall on a larger paper. I drew around each one and marked where the glass overlapped on the aluminum. Kirby cut, brushed, clear coated, welded the hooks on the the back. He also created the aluminum framework for the totems Each leaf is held to the aluminum with Hangyourglass hardware. Martin and Martin designs installed all the artwork