GAA Studio - CODAworx

GAA Studio

Submitted by Giraldi Associates Architects

Client: GAA

Location: Florence, Italy

Completion date: 2013

Project Team


Fulvio Giraldi

Giraldi Associates Architects

Interior Designer

Francesca Dattilo

Giraldi Associates Architects

Interior Designer

Diego Lucesole

Giraldi Associates Architects


The Giraldi Associates Architects have relocated their headquarters in Florence inside the palace Antinori-Aldobrandini on a space of about 600 sqm.
Plasters, frescoes and masterpieces combine perfectly with the fresh and modern design, creating a workplace really unique. The structure is divided into eleven areas, including rooms dedicated to design, to testing for the use of materials and meeting rooms. There is also a kitchen that gives colleagues the opportunity to interact with among the burners during breaks and a relax area where soft pouf land on the green carpet that recalls the color of the grass.


The choice of the property was not a coincidence. In fact it expresses through its architecture, the Italian and Florentine character in 1800. However, the goal was to dampen the pomposity of the interior through the choice of a simple, modern design and through installations and works of art that could act as a link between the nineteenth-century opulence and linear contemporary.


All the installations are designed by the owners of the studio for this reason the collaboration process has been easy. The atmosphere is new, exciting, young and dynamic, and it could be perceived thanks to the spaces that define a strong communication and design identity. The piece of art at "Pac Cow" by the artist Ziqqurat has been bought at auction. It belonged to the European Cow Parade.