Fundidora Park - CODAworx

Client: City of Monterrey, Mexico

Location: Monterrey, Mexico

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Tomas Guerena

Industry Resource

Bostik, Inc

Bostik, Inc

Industry Resource

Creative Edge Master Shop

Creative Edge Master Shop


Fundidora Park in central Monterrey, was the site of an original iron and steel factory founded in 1900. The steel mill and blast furnace artifacts remain on site and form the centerpiece of a extensive urban park. This commission was a contest to adorn the wall of an antique brick structure and form a visual focal point….and a natural site for photography.


Purpose of the installation was to celebrate the history of the steel and iron works, create a visual focal point for the park, and engage local artists. Bostik's goal was to promote the use of its high tech adhesives in the decorative arts and expose artists to the properties of the company's adhesives.


Contest was held for Monterrey artists, sponsored by Bostik Inc. Adhesive Technologies. 10 entries were received and judged by local officials, artists and cultural groups. The selected artist architect Tomas Guerena who represented the transformation of the steel factory into a major urban venue.

Additional Information

This mural was created largely with volcanic stones, lava, basalt and granite that are typical of the Monterrey region. The central imagery includes the workings of the factory, the smokestacks and the elephant logo of the original company Monterrey Steel Foundry. Overall size of the mural 20 'x 27;' was fabricated using waterjet technology by Creative Edge Master Shop, in Fairfield Iowa.