Fred's Skies - CODAworx

Fred’s Skies

Submitted by Jeni Bate

Client: City of Palm Desert

Location: Palm Desert, CA, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $2,500

Project Team


Jeni Bate


City of Palm Desert


The City of Palm Desert commissioned me to paint two skyscapes on adjacent traffic signal boxes as part of their beautification project. I created two related but not contiguous skyscapes in acrylic paint on the boxes. It was an interesting project in that I was thwarted by outside influences – building dust from construction adjacent to my project ran late, I was working over the holidays, but wasn’t actually allowed to paint on any holiday days, and some winter weather on days when I was allowed to paint! The project ran over the end of the calendar year, incurring the need for a new permit!


Beautification project for the City of Palm Desert to turn plain traffic signal boxes into works of art.