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Fragmented Realities: City of Dreams

Submitted by Teale Hatheway

Client: Gallery 825

Location: Los Angeles, California, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team

Industry Resource

Matt Jones

Industry Resource

Syd Klinge



Teale Hatheway


Fragmented Realities: City of dreams was created as an art installation in Gallery 825 in West Hollywood, California. It consists of eleven individually suspended, mixed-media paintings on translucent acrylic sheet and two paper cut map silhouettes, installed in a room approximately 20' x 20' with special attention paid to lighting. The goal of the installation was two fold: to create a soulful immersive environment that feels contemporary while referencing and teaching local history and also to transform a plain, open space into a vibrant experience that offers privacy and visual interest.


This project exemplified how a similar commissioned artwork for a space such as a lobby, can completely alter the use and experience of an environment without commanding a large amount of square footage. The installation is still light and airy, but the visual impact is dramatic.


I worked with fabricators to design and create hanging hardware and other materials. I employed an installation team and brought a PR agency on board for a successful media campaign.

Additional Information

Fragmented Realities: City of Dreams is a beautiful, frenetic and bewildered visual love letter to Los Angeles. Paintings composed of layered elements of street lights found throughout the city are framed by maps of sprawling highways and punctuated by observation benches. The lights are an old Los Angeles tradition which I imagine to be our Angels, stoically protecting our endless streets, delineating neighborhoods, and watching generations pass. My paintings are emblematic of our contemporary experiences of Los Angeles: rarely straight forward, constantly in motion, exciting, uncertain and ethereal.