Client: Chinook Blast

Location: Calgary, AB, Canada

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Team Lead/Artist

Paul Magnuson

Big Art


David Low

Victoria Park BIA


Fort Chinook is a symbol of strength and hope, as we deal with a deadly pandemic ravaging our world. Behind its gates is the salvation we are seeking, protection from this virus and a community building a better world in its wake. This is a beacon of hope in a tumultuous time, prompting our community to hold fast, stay strong and protect ourselves and others by socially distancing and following health orders from our scientific health community.

From a technical perspective, Fort CHINOOK consists of (125) 1000L totes in a “castle” configuration standing 6m(20ft) tall and over 35m(120ft) wide with over 100 LED pars and over 225,000 led pixels, all video mapped with custom animations and an original audio soundscape. It’s a one-of-a-kind spectacle.


It takes a village. This project was the product of a number of contributing artists and technicians, collaborating to build something of scale and presence. From 3d animators to lighting designers and riggers, everyone involved shared the vision.


All Big Art projects are designed, built and presented in a collaborative process. Each contributor brings a specialized skillset that requires years of academic and practical training. Many of these collaborators do not identify as artists professionally. instead, they are professionals in their field willing to participate in creating something extraordinary.