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Flow and Fiber


Location: COBBS CREEK , VA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $5,000

Project Team

Dorothy Fagan

Dorothy Fagan Fine Arts



My art stems from a deep personal healing experience of embodying color. From emotional to heart centered, I use holographic spectral color (light waves) to create intricate color experiences for my audience.

With fiber art, I use the warp and weft of fabrics like Belgian linen, silk, or cashmere to absorb and resist paint ~ unlike an oil painting where colors sit on the surface. Layers of translucent and opaque pearlescent color weave broad strokes and intense linear calligraphy together ~ to create a fusion of iridescent light and fiber that sparkles with the slightest breath as a healthy human.


Diversifying my practice is important. I have recently taken the path of reconsidering fiber works as part of my studio exercise. I am feeling the energy of this new medium.
It brings a new organic flow to a room and conveys the healing encounters my work is largely based on.

Additional Information

Work title: Sometimes I Wish