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Floating Figures

Client: private

Location: Darien, CT, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Andrea Bonfils

Industry Resource

Kevin Deavy


Industry Resource

Arya Tabatabai



Floating Figures is inspired by elementals in human form and behavior. Each playful figure has a questionable appearance of going up or down, diving or tumbling. Unique configurations and mediums (metal, wood, plastic, cardboard) can vary according to scale, needs and budget of each project.
Literally and figuratively each sculpture mimics individuals in a community, they are versatile and adaptable as they each assimilate.
Unification is implied while all ages and backgrounds, past, present and future are represented. Varied individuals and groups naturally align to create a synergy and Interconnectedness in the Floating Figure sculptures that equally honor and preserve.


The commonality and interconnected nature of humanity can be viewed in the Floating Figures Sculptures. Two or more figures makes an intimate conversation, three or more a family, whereas hundreds amassed create a cellular community, or a sum greater than it’s parts.

The overall goal of the sculptures is to recognize individuals as part of a larger organism which rely on one another to coexist in an infinite dynamic.


Andrea Bonfils has been a professional multi media artist for 20 years who has completed over 80 commissions worldwide. She is able to clearly communicate expectations, possibilities and limitations for each project. Her work can be seen in several representing galleries, the Museum of Encaustic Art and worldwide public and private collections. UAP Company is recognized world-round as a leader in public art and architectural design solutions. For more than 20 years, UAP has collaborated with emerging and established artists, architects, developers and designers to deliver creative outcomes for the public realm. Supported by core values of creativity, collaboration, insightfulness and innovation, UAP offers pioneering design solutions, formulated through rigorous research, development and consultation.

As a team UAP and Andrea are well equipped to create a dynamic and memorable art and design experiences in a variety of settings.