Five Valley Metro Streetcar Stations - CODAworx

Five Valley Metro Streetcar Stations

Client: Valley Metro

Location: Tempe, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $263,000

Project Team

Simon Donovan

Ben Olmstead


Glass, aluminum
48″ x 56″ ceiling panels, 87” x 54” x 1” aluminum panels

Ceramic-fused photographic stained-glass ceiling panels & engraved aluminum panels, milled vertical striations creating a photographic image with shadow. The aluminum panels are double-sided with an additional portrait on the back. Ceiling views from below of various objects or figures occurring above. Each station had a different theme: Skateboarders, Flowers, Cats & Dogs, Butterflies, and Magnify Glasses.


Our goal was creating moments of whimsey and intrigue for the commuter - by looking up to see a puppy or a child sitting on the glass ceiling and by observing large-scale photographic images created by shadow.


The collaboration included station architects, fabricators and random people in Tempe, AZ as models.