West End Avenue Pre-War Apartment - CODAworx

West End Avenue Pre-War Apartment

Submitted by Barry Michlin Photography

Client: Irene Lewis & Mitchell Kurtz

Location: New York City, CA, United States

Completion date: 1998

Artwork budget: $2,500

Project Team


Barry Michlin

Barry Michlin Photography


Irene Lewis & Mitchell Kurtz


The clients, Mitchell Kurtz and Irene Lewis had chosen the three images for their West End Avenue apartment in New York. Each photos is approximately 16″ x 20.” They wanted 'dramatic' images that would compliment their simple Coop Apartment spaces.


The clients, both working in theater: Irene Lewis is a stage director and was the director/administrative producer for Baltimore Repertory for over fifteen years and Mitchell Kurtz design theaters. They had resided in Manhattan for over thirty years. Indeed, they wanted 'Theatrical' Images in their New York Apartment. Their tastes, in general, run simple and they liked the Barry Michlin Photography Images for their dramatic and 'Artistic' flavor.


The clients, Mitchell Kurtz and Irene Lewis and the photographer, Barry Michlin, chose the 'especial' images over a two year period. Mitchell and Irene were very careful and discerning in their choices to compliment their large but simple interior designed apartment a colorful, fine-art splurge.