Fermata Rapture - CODAworx

Fermata Rapture

Submitted by Nancy Gong

Client: Ray and Judy Ricker

Location: Rochester, NY, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team


Nancy Gong

Gong Glass Works

Industry Resource

Wally Morse

Morse Sash & Door


Location: Private Residence in Rochester, NY.
This is a new technique most known in Germany called Laminated Glass, offering a more contemporary aesthetic to the traditional stained glass application. This technique has been used on large glass facades of buildings, but it can also be used to create windows, doors, shower doors, railings, table tops, wall treatments and large scale sculptures covering partial or whole areas for interior and exterior applications.


For this fine art project, the owners commissioned this piece to bring personal interests to the design of their home in a unique colorful way. Their love of music, nature and various cultures informed Gong with the foundation of her design using bold color and abstracted patterns to enhance the experience of the couple's passions in their home environment.


The artist collaborated with the client in the design of this project to bring a personalized vision into the residents home. The front entry was replaced with a wider side light to one side designed to be in harmony with the contemporary architecture. The new glass configuration accentuates the space by providing a broad palette for the artwork to breath.

Additional Information

The colors in this design add another layer of happiness to this home with a living, breathing work of art even on gray days. On sunny days color transforming shadows add energy and excitement to the home.