Fantasy Forest - CODAworx

Fantasy Forest

Client: international horticultural Expo 2011

Location: Xian, China

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $650,000

Project Team


Shan Shan Sheng


John Meisner

IA - Interior Architects, INC


Anna Laura Govoni

University of Venice, School of Architecture


“Fantasy Forest” is one of the largest glass sculptures in China. It consists of 500 pieces of Venetian blown glass (75' l x 20' w x 10' h). It is creates a whimsically surreal landscape evoking a sense of wonder and delighting visitors of all ages.


"Fantasy Forest" was commissioned for the Xian International Horticultural Expo 2011 as an iconic piece for the Expo's landscape.


Designed by a Chinese American artist and fabricated in Venice, "Fantasy Forest" highlights the difficulties still present in the encounter between two cultures with strong roots (Venetian and Chinese) brought together by art. It is a statement of the power of collaboration and the overcoming of cultural differences.