Family Dynamic - CODAworx

Family Dynamic

Submitted by Nick Kinney

Client: Private client

Location: Las Vegas, NV, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $184,995

Project Team

Metal Fabrication

Andy Russo III

ARJ Architectural Metal Forming

IT Consultant

Rick Johns



The Family Dynamic piece is a 66′ long x 10′ tall assemblage of powder coated laser cut steel panels with sound reactive and programmable LED back lighting. The laser cut screens are arranged in three color coded layers offset and overlaid on one another to create an emergent moire pattern effect, causing the piece to buzz or move as one moves past it. The lighting elements and color coding in the piece are designed to obscure depth and amplify the moire pattern which is constantly updating throughout the day due to the changing ambient day lighting and reflections off of the adjacent swimming pool. The client is able to interact with the art piece via their iphone, where they have complete control over the 13 control point lighting. The LEDs can be directed to color coordinate at pre-programmed times (sunset, sun rise), as well as respond and animate sound and music played through the home network audio system. Located in Summerlin South, outside of Las Vegas, Nevada at a private residence.


To occupy a bare pool wall in a new build home. The client has requested something kinetic, but due to local building codes and electrical concerns resulting from the adjacent pool, we designed a moire pattern which appears to move as you enter the house or swim and walk past the artwork.


NK Design LLC was responsible for design, design development and documentation, architectural drawings, engineering, lighting and overseeing installation. Metalwork was done by a local metal fabrication studio in Las Vegas, NV. We worked with the client's IT contractor to seamlessly integrate control functionalities into our clients home automation system.

Additional Information

The LED lighting elements are controlled via a custom-built wireless LED network and communicates with standard Apple app store apps to create a super simple and easy to control interface, allowing the client to constantly change and tone the art piece to their liking.