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Exteerior Glass Tile Panels

Submitted by Nicolas Gadbois

Client: Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Location: Los Alamos, NM, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $5,150

Project Team


Nicolas Gadbois


Bethlehem Lutheran Church


I was commissioned by Bethlehem Lutheran Church to create artwork for the entry walkway to the church. The project budget was $5000 for two 24″ x 60″ fused and mosaic glass panels. These were completed, installed and dedicated in September of 2013.


The goal was to create vibrant artwork using glass that would have a contemporary feel for the Lutheran Church. Something to catch the eye of people in the community and be a source of inspiration for the congregation.


I met with a 12 person art committee composed of the pastor Bruce Kuenzel and members of the congregation. I brought in a number of drawings with various ideas. The committee favored my use of circular themes. They also wanted to include the Lutheran symbol for Trinity. I consulted with them about color choices and we made agreements. It was a fairly smooth process.

Additional Information

I was invited to give two speeches at Sunday mass about how my work connected with Spirit. Afterwards there was an artwork dedication ceremony and blessing at the site.