Everpark - CODAworx


Submitted by Designs Northwest Architects

Client: City of Everett

Location: Everett, WA, United States

Completion date: 2004

Project Team


City of Everett


The Colby Avenue Arcade connects the City of Everett’s Everpark garage to Colby Avenue in the downtown core of Everett, Washington. The programmatic concept was to turn the nondescript 21’ wide by 110’ deep walkway into an outdoor sculpture garden that could be identified with its intended use and be seen as an extension of the streetscape.


The walkway was an overgrown shortcut from the garage to the city’s main street. It was not well marked as an access point to the garage and was a dark and potentially dangerous public space. These factors caused people to avoid using the walkway as an access point to the Everpark garage. The challenge was to reverse the negative aspects of the walkway and create an inviting space that encouraged use. The architects designed sculpture pieces as examples of how art would function in the space. One of the pieces was a sail-like structure made of curving stainless steel panels mounted on red steel masts. The piece was seen as such an important element of the design that it was integrated into the project. This sculpture screens an existing blank façade on the north side of the arcade and the ground stainless steel panels reflect light into the arcade augmenting existing lighting.

Additional Information

The project demonstrates the importance of small urban spaces to the vitality of a streetscape and provides an example of a small scale project making a significant impact on a community. The new Everpark arcade is seen by the city as an important element in the revitalization of the downtown core.