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Empire Lounge, Resorts World Catskills

Client: Resorts World Catskills

Location: Thompson, NY, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team

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JCM Global Pixel Pro

JCM Global

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Fusion CI Studios

Fusion CI Studios, transfomative design


Custom-designed to interact with the architecture of the space, this computer-generated art-installation is 42' x 13' – 4992×1536 pixels – that's 7.7 million glorious pixels, with only 2.5 millimeters between each pixel, on this enormous LED screen. Unique in the world, the digital waterfall thunders over a secret door cut into the LED panels and at the touch of an i-pad, the door opens & closes with water playfully splashing around the frame, allowing performers on-stage! Unparalleled in the world.


Set in the glorious landscape of the Catskills mountains, the resort's exquisite luxury design plan (unique in the casino world) invites the outdoors in. Enormous windows and skylights, unheard of in a casino space, frame verdant views of the natural environment. Natural woods and nature motifs are an integral part of the interior finishings. Given these design features, we proposed a waterfall for the videowall, creating a powerful focal point, anchoring the theme and embracing the goal to bring the outdoors inside. To further nestle the resort into its surrounding environment, a digital replica of the nearby Stony Kills Falls cliffs was created as a natural backdrop for the waterfall. Art meets technology as the waterfall is fully programmed using Touch Designer, so with the tap of a mobile device, it splashes around the stage door as it opens, then resumes falling as it closes. And with sound design of water falling programmed into the system, the result is a spectacular integration of the digital artistry and design technology.


Utilizing a video wall as a design tool is a unique, advanced concept. Our client leaned heavily on Fusion's experience and creativity in the process of designing compelling content for their new wall. After several discussions about the design goals for the resort space and research into the surrounding outdoor environment, we proposed a unique, custom-designed digital waterfall similar in character and behavior to local waterfalls, with a replica of the rock face of nearby Stony Kills Falls a dramatic backdrop. That not only invited an outdoor environment inside, in keeping with the resort's design features, but it united the space with the actual local landscape. Our client was thrilled. As we moved forward in the stages of digital design, we collaborated closely with the Resorts World team, designing the best lighting and texture for the cliff face and the creating a congruent look, behavior, character and flow for the waterfall. The character of the digital waterfall's interaction with the stage architecture was also carefully crafted - the falling water had to react to the walls, floor, and stage door in the video wall in a playfully splashy way without getting too vigorous, upsetting the tranquility of the space.

Additional Information

A video wall as an extraordinary design tool, particularly with digital visual effects enhancing that design tool, is leading-edge. It's a blank digital canvas on which we can create immersive, innovative, captivating experiences. And as the artistry of visual effects has transformed motion pictures, it is now transforming art & design. The 3-dimensional capacity of a video screen further enhances its power. We can create a spectacular experience like enjoying a cocktail beside a digital waterfall, transporting us miles away to an outside space. A brilliant merging of digital artistry with interior design.