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Emotional Waves

Submitted by Sonali Kukreja

Client: Reveal Dental

Location: Cedar Park, Texas, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $415

Project Team


Sonali Kukreja

Reveal dental


Kruti Sura


Alkesh Sura


Commissioned to be the design advisor and artist, I have created a few trendy yet soothing art pieces to match the very modern, contemporary, open and calming interiors of a brand new Dental Office (Reveal Dental) in Cedar Park, Texas. The owner, chief Dentist and his wife wanted a 36 x 48 inches canvas art with a wow factor in the reception area and I was able to offer just that and more – brilliance, radiance, serenity and joy.


The goal was to present a cohesive look and incorporate art not as a filler but to add style, sparkle and energy and engage the office staff and patrons. The owners specifically wanted a local artist to take this challenge, demonstrate passion, creativity and dedication and deliver results like it's their own office. The work had to be unique and blend in to the overall theme and flow of the vibrant office appearance and atmosphere.


The experience was inspiring, energizing, exciting, gratifying and simply fun for one and all. While the goals were set, I had the freedom to explore and suggest new ideas and the owners were open, flexible and very supportive. I have asked for and received constant and consistent feedback and the feeling of "team work" made the difference in bringing the best out of me and deliver some of the best work I had ever done in my career.

Additional Information

The work I was able to produce through this project helped accomplish my mission of promoting conversational and inspirational art. My inspiration behind this piece “Emotional Waves” was that “Emotions are very much like waves of energy, some strong, some smooth, some stormy. We can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which ones to play in, which ones to avoid and which ones to surf”.