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El Viaje / The Journey

Submitted by David Ocelotl

Client: Denver Arts & Venues

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team

Public Art Agent

Rudi Cerri

Executive Director Denver Arts & Venues


David Ocelotl Garcia

Ocelotl Art


Acrylic on MDF
Dimensions: 200’ x 6’ x 1″
Year Completed: 2016
Location: La Raza Park
Denver Arts & Venues
Denver, Colorado


My overall goal for this mural project is was to tell a story that portrays a feeling of movement, spirituality, curiosity, character, strength, struggle, beauty, growth and positive energy. In an effort to maintain the aesthetic qualities of the existing architecture where the mural was going to be installed as well as the story I was portraying, I decided to create a mural composition that moved in a coil resembling infinity or the cycle of life. The title of this mural is “ El Viaje” or “ The Journey” it’s a story about life. In this mural I focus on expressing the Mexican peoples’ journey from creation, to the present and into the future. To tell this story I used certain instances, elements and symbols that reflect history, tradition and social movement. Elements found in this mural should not be taken literally but more as metaphors. An example of this is the use of skeletons for death. I use death as a metaphor to engage the viewer to think about life.