East LA Polyglot - CODAworx

East LA Polyglot

Client: Private Developer

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Completion date: 2003

Project Team


Nikolas Soren Goodich

Nikolas Soren Goodich, Limited

Private Developer

Jerry Schneiderman


Large scale exterior lightbox painting installation public art commission in Angelino Heights, LA, just west of Downtown Los Angeles. This work was part of a larger commission involving the entire building at 6130 Beverly. An artists loft building, the commission entailed this lightbox painting installation, a 30 ft x 30ft mural, and a plexiglass awning-as-painting installation.


The main goals of this project were to make the exterior of the building into a work of art. The work, East LA Polyglot, was installed above the front door entryway to the building facing out onto the street. The mural looked out over the parking lot and was next to the awning as well.


The real estate developer Jerry Schneiderman came to me after seeing my works in my studio in East LA, and we worked closely together on refining the basic ideas of what areas I would be working on. He then left me to come up with the work on my own. I made a rough drawing for the mural but was allowed to expand upon the image and paint what I felt was best.

Additional Information

This commission was in 2003 and the works were there from 2003 - 2008, when the building was sold. Sadly, the new owners decided on other design elements for their building.