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Duke Basketball – Cameron Crazies Wall

Client: Duke University

Location: Durham, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Duke University


Mark Schmitz



Eric Holmer



Erik Gannon



The ZEBRADOG team began a partnership with Duke Men’s Basketball in 2007 to stitch together a visual narrative that now extends throughout all athletic facilities on campus. We developed a signature athletics brand texture that is clearly recognizable, and most importantly, interlocked with the institutional brand of Duke University. The commitment to a singular brand, threaded throughout 26 varsity sports, dimensionally enhances a Student Athlete’s connection to their University long past graduation.


The beating heart of Cameron Indoor is the student section named the CAMERON CRAZIES, where 1,200 absolutely wild college kids scream blue from the inside out. It is a “tactile” experience to see them. A singular organism with popping heads, slashing arms, and chants so witty very few people in the stands know what they mean….except the opposing team! The ZEBRADOG team wanted to bring all of the raw energy of the students to an exhibit where visitors on
non gamedays could get a sense of the energy. Thus, THE CRAZIES WALL was born. You can touch it, slap it, tweet to it, light it up, read it, stand on it, revel in it,
hear it, and most importantly take your picture with it.


This totally immersive "CRAZIES WALL” features multiple digital displays running classic game highlights from the Coach K era, Nike commercials featuring Duke Basketball and ESPN promos and commercials involving the Blue Devils. Fans can touch everything on the wall, feel the floor burns of two recent National Championship court floors, measure yourself against Duke greats and push the HOT button for GAME TIME!