Dream - CODAworx


Submitted by Billy Lee

Client: Chinese Government Liangjiang International Art Axis

Location: Chongqing, China

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $250,000

Project Team


Billy Lee


Ling Xian


Size: 40ftX42ft

Materials: painted steel


Man, nature, and technology in our currently urban environment and climate. My interpretation of the theme “dream” is not an assemblage of eclectic contemporary images, but rather a sculptural situation, inviting the viewer to actively participate. My sculpture is visual poetry, intentionally presenting the viewer a contemplative situation. I want the sculpture to be surreal, allowing for imagination and interpretation, and being painted white, the sculpture adds to the notion of ethereality. I used images of man and tree, these being the oldest symbols representing growth, prosperity, stability, strength, community, and life. As in dreams, reality and fantasy are intertwined, so I turned the tree upside down, engaging the viewer with curiosity, thought and imagination. Dreams fluctuate between reality and fantasy and it is this state between the two that I want the viewer to ponder. The figure is in the clouds looking down through the hole at the world, suggesting the idea of choices and decisions we make in life. The inverted tree is also connected to the man like an umbilical cord emphasizing the symbiotic relationship of man and nature.


This was a project commissioned by the Chinese Government with whom I worked alongside engineers, architects and project managers. This was a joint effort where multiple parties offered input and worked together to create a project that everyone was happy with.