Double Drawings - CODAworx

Double Drawings

Submitted by BLANK SPACE


Location: Dallas, TX, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Byungjin Kim

Artwork Consultant / Advisor



The Double Drawings are a collection wall sculptures by Korean artist Byungjin Kim built from steel plate, steel wire, with a high quality matte automotive paint finish at 50 x 37 inches each.

The twelve pieces each feature an abstracted floral composition which speaks to the Spring season. Kim’s undulating and colorful wires have an improvisational, sketched feeling which contrasts both literally and figuratively with the boldly painted backing plates which feature lyrical representations of fantastical tropical flowers. Together, the the wire, shadow, and painting come together to form a dynamic contrast between light and dark, and flatness and dimension that captures the vibrancy of the season.


This series of wall sculptures were commissioned for a new office building lobby and were chosen for their vibrant colors, dimensionality, and scale to bring life and energy to a large open space.