Dolce - CODAworx


Client: Private

Location: Scottsdale, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $24,500

Project Team

Quiet Oboes

Myra Burg

Myra Burg

Iridescent Mixed-media paintings

Liz Cummings

Liz Cummings Art


Colorful wall art, dimensional, textural, modern, contemporary fiber wrapped cylinders, often combined with iridescent mixed media paintings are the backbone of these unusual installations. “Quiet Oboes,” or cylindrical tapestries in diameters of 5”, 3.5” and 2” can range from 20” to 60” in standard lengths, longer if needed. The story began with the Australian Didgeridoo which lent license to the American cousin, the Quiet Oboes, expressive in color and texture, their music is visual.

With the kit-of-parts notion, the number of elements allow installations from petite through colossal with virtually unlimited overall dimension. We install domestically and can ship almost anywhere in the world. We love collaborations. So please call us. We’re friendly. 310-780-0666. E-mail images;


Breathtaking art is the goal. Always.

He wanted Blues and Purples. She wanted neutrals and Coppers. You bet the integration was critical, such that the happiness factor and satisfaction exceeded the sum of the parts. When we left that late night installation, they were both in bathrobes sitting in the hallway staring. And drooling. I think we hit the mark.


We can and often do design in advance, mostly for commercial projects. We can do this for residential, although most of the time the client knows they love the work, however they don’t all read drawings. When we’re engaged to install, we bring color, texture and size that travel just beyond the edges of project statement. This way, the client becomes a kid in a candy store of color, engaged with the design process. This way they get to play, their involvement part of the project itself. Watching is fun, participating even more fun. (Candy store of options is placed on the ground plane for the initial choosing process.)

Additional Information

A candy maker by trade, his sweetness was evident in his warmth toward his wife. And vice versa. Thus, the project name of “Dulce.” Transitioning from well-behaved neutral color through the warm coppers and plums toward the cooler purples and blues, the combination of Quiet Oboes and Liz Cummings’ iridescent mixed media paintings lead one through a museum-like hallway transition. From his office, located perpendicular to the purple/blue end, his view of the project is primarily the hues he most favors.