Dobbs Common Table - CODAworx

Dobbs Common Table

Submitted by Christina Kwan

Client: Emory University

Location: Atlanta, GA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $5,000


As Emory University reimagined their new Student Life Center, their goal was to provide a space for students centered around creating a community where diversity and social interactions can flourish. At the center of the Student Life Center is the largest dining hall on campus – The Dobbs Common Table. The DCT creates an opportunity for students and faculty to engage in a relaxed dining environment, allowing students to find comfort while easing their transition into college.


Square Feet Studio focused on integrating honest, timeless materials made by local artisans that will patina over time, such as solid oak tables and live metals. It was important to Emory that the students and faculty feel a connection to their community and the city, so the designers incorporated the work of local artists into the design.


Square Feet Studio reached out to me to commission a work that would be transformed into a custom ceiling mural to be featured in Dobbs. I created a new original work on paper based on inspiration and story boards provided by Square Feet Studio. We then scanned the artwork and provided the vector file to a ceiling tile producer who then printed the design onto the custom tiles for installation.