Diamonds - CODAworx


Client: Quartier des Spectacles

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Conception and realization

Francis Laporte

Perséides Studio

Conception and realization

Alexis Laurence

Perséides Studio


Jack World


The Diamonds shine with a thousand lights, reflecting the light of day and illuminating after dark. From a distance, the elegant interactive work by Alexis Laurence and Francis Laporte catches the eye of passers-by, invited to approach to rotate the structures. The movement produces a melody and creates a swirl of shimmering lines and dots. Each Diamond is unique in its color and distinct score. By working together to spin each installation, the work offers a harmonious waltz of lights and music that will amaze your eyes and ears.


The Diamonds were born out of a desire to unite our expertise with Alexis and I in order to collaborate on a unifying project during the pandemic. We want to invite people to get out of their homes, meet up and come back to public spaces. Our desire is that a moment of poetry be shared between the participants and the work, that it offers an opportunity for entertainment and joy to the citizens of the cities of Quebec that will host the installation.