Submitted by Vipul Singh

Client: SELF

Location: New Delhi, India

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $42,000

Project Team

Landscape Architect

Madhup Mazumder

Design Accord Consultants


This is head office of Design Accord Consultants( situated in New Delhi, India.The design office is 232 sqmt in area, situated in South Delhi. The design brief was clear and simple.. as to provide optimum space to studio within the limited space, yet come up with an ambiance which would make the office look bigger, smart and friendly. The budget and time were limited. Hence the material palette was also chosen keeping in mind the CAPEX and OPEX. The maintenance had to be easy and soft on the pocket.


The office space had to reflect the quality of design work and the legacy which it has created since its inception fifteen years ago. Hence, there were dedicated walls to denote the hard earned appreciation over this period of time. The art work included sketches generated during the design process of various projects o.. and also views generated to illustrate the design concept to the clients. So, the entire wall was well composed of these sketches and views generated.


Since Design Accord is itself a design firm, collaboration between the designers was mutual. All the architects and designers contributed to select, generate and locate the views, sketches and famous writings and came up with a composition which is quite evident in the projects views attached here.