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320° Licht

Submitted by URBANSCREEN

Client: Gasometer Oberhausen

Location: Oberhausen, Germany

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Janna Schmid

Industry Resource

Wolfgang Volz


Gasometer Oberhausen


‘320° Licht’ is a sight-specific multimedia light- and sound installation premiered on April 10th in the Gasometer Oberhausen, being part of the permanent exhibition ‘The Appearance of Beauty’. It covers 320° of the 100m high interior space of the former gas tank.


320° Licht is conceived as a walk-through work of art. It uses the original, cathedral-like beauty of the Gasometer as a starting point for a fascinating game with shapes and light, transforming the interior space into a complex virtual architecture. The respective sound installation is based on the spatial acoustics, especially the massive echo resulting from the Gasometer’s height, shape and materiality.


320° Licht was developed by URBANSCREEN's ten-strong team of architects, designers, video artists and sound designers in close collaboration with the Gasometer Oberhausen's curators. The artistic process was structured in periods of creative exploration and reduction, including regular workshops with the curators and a close cooperation with our technical engineers.

Additional Information

With nearly 20.000 square meters of area played upon, the installation is among the world’s largest and technically most sophisticated interior projections - interconnecting 21 powerful projectors to one screen. The projection runs in a 20 min. loop.