Deciduous Life - CODAworx

Deciduous Life

Submitted by Scott Grove

Client: Summit Federal Credit Union

Location: Brighton, USA

Completion date: 2009

Project Team


Scott Grove

Green Grove Design


Rob Simonetti

SWBR Architects


Barb Rothfuss

Summit Federal Credit Union


Patina copper leaves with gold leaf suspended for form a sphere in a 250SF foyer. The vines of each leaf group gently sway above the patrons below.


With the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified Brighton building, this “green” project evoked trees as my initial concept. I was inspired by the thought of trees, leaves, growth, life, evolution, expansion, and, again, the universe. I wanted to emphasize the center of the piece with denser and more brightly colored leaves. To accentuate this “origin of life” center, I highlighted the tight grouping of copper leaves with bright, variegated copper leaf. In order to emulate an expanding, growing universe, the leaves expand outward in density, and their colors transition from bright yellow, to orange, then red, green, blue, brown, and black on the outer most perimeter. These colors, or patinas, were achieved through an all natural chemical oxidation process.


Grove worked closely with The Summit’s development team and SWBR Architects to design unique sculptures that worked within themes, established budget and short time frame. Throughout the design process, he provided concept sketches, 3D renderings and a scale model and consulted directly with the general contractor to ensure the installation met there schedule without interfering with the construction process onsite.