Daybreak Along The River - CODAworx

Daybreak Along The River

Submitted by DAAS DAAS

Client: Winston-Salem/Forsyth County (NC) Public Art Commission

Location: Winston-Salem, NC, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $38,000

Project Team

City-County Planning

Kelly Bennett

City Of Winston-Salem (NC)

Painting Assistant

Lauris Vidal



Possibly the largest mural ever painted of an American River Otter, this adorable fellow covers 15,000 Sq. Ft. of a municipal water tank in Winston-Salem, NC. Located along the busy Peters Creek Parkway, it’s viewable to roughly 25,000 drivers a day and has recently been awarded the 2021 ELGL Knope National Championship, which honors top local government places around the U.S.


This project was driven by the desire to visually represent the importance of our natural water resources while highlighting the role government plays in the safeguarding and maintenance of those systems which serve the community of Winston-Salem, NC


Through a combination of community engagement and research into the geography and history of Forsyth County, DAAS focused on the indigenous creatures that inhabit the Yadkin River and chose to incorporate an American River Otter as the main subject for his design, with the intention of appealing to a broad range of the population that would experience this large-scale artwork on a daily basis.