Datenfluss/Data Flow - CODAworx

Datenfluss/Data Flow

Submitted by Atelier Loenne + Neumann GbR

Client: City of Erfurt

Location: Erfurt, Germany

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $21,500

Project Team


Atelier Loenne + Neumann GbR


Citizen Registration Office


The main idea was to show the work in the Citizen Registration Office where all the informations come together and the people get part of the data flow. The beginning of Aristoteles “Politic” has been transformed into a binary code. Plexiglass, Metall, Steelrope 5ft x 2ft x 20ft.


The main goal and focus was to create a data cloud that floats in the waiting area. Dicroic, fluorescent and colourful plexiglass numbers were used to create a a colorfade and light play in the main lobby of the Citizen Registration Center.


The work is a result of a open call for artist. After winning the competition we met with the architects and client to discuss the next steps.