Dancing Cabinet - CODAworx

Dancing Cabinet

Submitted by Erik Wolken

Client: Beryl and Leigh Sherman

Location: Chapel Hill, NC, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $5,000

Project Team


Erik Wolken


Beryl Sherman


Leigh Sherman


This piece was designed to fit in in a space between a wall and an existing cabinet in a small dining area with a maximum length of 6'. The piece though nominally to function as a sideboard main goal was to display artwork and have drawers for silverware. As designed the cabinet was 63″ long ,18″ deep and 34″ to the top of the cabinet and 42″ to the top of the figurative element


The clients for this commission have an incredible collection of studio furniture and figurative painting and this commission was to fill a valuable open wall space in their dining area. The onus on me as the artist was to come up with a piece worthy of such a space that fit seamless in yet was personally expressive and represented my own body of work.


The clients in this case have commissioned many works of art and are old hats art the process which makes it very easy for me as the artist. We started with an initial set of rough sketches and a full scale 2 dimensional cardboard cutout which allowed them to pin up the design on the wall in the niche the piece was to go. From there we made further refinements and I approached Leigh Sherman, an accomplished wood turner, about being involved in the construction of the turned base for the cabinet. This aspect of the piece was indeed what made it a true collaboration between the client and the artist where the clients actually participated the production of the piece