Cosmo - CODAworx


Submitted by Roger Heitzman


Location: Scotts Valley, CA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $27,500

Project Team


Roger Heitzman

Heitzman Studios


Poised atop a 5’ diameter base, Cosmo’s rusted steel tower bends and curves upward to support its contrasting, gleaming stainless steel kinetic sculpture for an overall height of 14.5’. The kinetic element of the sculpture features 6 independent rotating axis powered by 24 polished hemispheres all riding on stainless steel ball bearings. All moving elements are both meticulously balanced to enable fluid movement with even the slightest breeze and reinforced to withstand the highest winds. The solar medallion at its pinnacle melds the sculpture’s principle elements of rusted and polished metal into one as it reflects the surrounding world.

Additional Information

I have been creating kinetic, wind driven art for 30 years and Cosmo is the evolution of that work. I attended Burning Man 2018 and was summarily inspired by the fantastical and monumental artwork on display. In 2019 I received one of a very few artist honorarium grants to assist with material costs. I was profoundly moved to see the universal appeal and fascination observers had for Cosmo as it was spinning and bringing art to life. Cosmo provides opportunities for inspiration, contemplation and a celebration of nature in large landscapes and public spaces.