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Contemporary Cool Office

Submitted by Inspired Interiors, Inc.

Client: Corporate Client

Location: Chicago, IL, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team

Interior Designer

Emily Mackie

Inspired Interiors

Interior Designer

Lauren Hickok

Inspired Interiors


Phillip Schalekamp


The space was designed as a contemporary, open-office environment for a medical sales company. Clean lines, pops of purple and the glass-surrounded private offices create a playful yet functional office space. However, the main focal point is the sculptural, acrylic wall meant to represent the curvature of a spine. The building, located in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, is a factory-turned-office space. Authentic elements, such as exposed brick and concrete flooring, were worked into the new design to keep the charming factor the building offered.


The goal when integrating this artwork and wall sculpture was to create an element of design that was not only visually appealing but that also represented the company and their line of work. Much of the design was centered around this contemporary, decorative wall. It is the first thing people notice when walking into the space and, because of the open-style floorplan, can be seen from nearly every angle of the office.


The artist and designer met several times to discuss and create a model of the wall sculpture. The objective was to create each curve to have its own unique shape while still representing the curvature of a spine. While working together the designer and artist discussed different materials that could work to create the sculpture, eventually settling on acrylic.

Additional Information

After many weeks of drawing and creating this wall sculpture, we are very proud of its unique nature. Each acrylic piece was hand cut, bent, and placed. The acrylic took three weeks to cut. Once onsite, the acrylic was bent and hand placed which took another week to install. The acrylic curve represents the client perfectly while add a unique twist and visually-interesting piece to their space.