Confluence - CODAworx


Client: University of Iowa Health Center

Location: Iowa City, IA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team

Amy Genser Studio

Art Consultant

Bruce Scherting

UIHC Project Art, Medical Museum


“Confluence” lives in a busy passageway at the Health Center. Hospital staff, patients, and visitors walk by the art daily, bringing a stream of energy, activity, and ideas. I used this lively energy as a source for the flowing motion in the artwork.


The composition and color of the piece are inspired by aerial views of Iowa City The city is bisected by the Iowa River, and many creeks extend from the main artery. The flowing lines represent intertwined waterways and transportation networks. The earthy greens, blues, and browns are inspired by the Iowa sky and landscape. My abstraction of the Iowa city landscape invokes different perspectives from viewers. Everyone brings their own unique vision and knowledge base when they look at artwork. Through observation and discussion, the confluence of art and ideas fortifies community.


“Confluence” is the combination of forces, people, or things. This artwork is inspired by the confluence at work in Iowa City; waterways, land, roadways, walkways, and communities of people. The piece is a collaboration between Project art and myself.

Additional Information

The individual, tiny paper circles are combined to form a large, cohesive image. They are micro pieces alone, but build a macro world together, like biological processes, natural phenomenon, and communities are sums of their parts. Similarly, the University of Iowa Health Center is a place where there is a confluence of ideas, knowledge, positive energy, and unique visions come together.