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Color & Vitality for Kaiser Healthcare

Client: Kaiser Healthcare

Location: Redwood City, CA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $8,000

Project Team

Artist | Designer

Neil Murphy

Neil Murphy Studio

Interior Design | Art Curation

Donna Napper

Chandra Cerrito / Art Advisors

Interior Design | Art Curation

Suzy R. Locke

Suzy R. Locke & Associates

Project Manager

Swee Choo Oh LEED AP

Kaiser Permanente Capital Projects Group


Birds soar near the entrance of Kaiser Healthcare headquarters. The designers and curators responsible for artworks in the Kaiser Healthcare Headquarters buildings in Redwood City, CA., wanted to brighten the spaces for patients and staff. Artist Neil Murphy worked concurrently with two interior design firms and a Kaiser manager to bring ‘soaring birds’ to a busy entrance stairwell and colorful abstract and representational art to three of the HQ buildings. The “Birds in the Valley” artwork show colorful birds soaring in a tropical valley. The theme was appropriate for an audience often in need of uplifting and thoughtful stimulation.

The triptych sections are 2 x 6 feet. The images are printed on aluminum panels and utilize a mounting system on the back of each piece. Other artworks shown for this project range from printed acrylic, aluminum, and archival paper.


Kaiser Healthcare wished to install art that was stimulating and uplifting. Color and subject matter are crucial in a healthcare setting. The art was chosen to meet those goals and specifically to fit newly refreshed interior walls. Both patients and medical staff have expressed appreciation and positive thoughts matching the intent of the selections.


The collaborative team of designers and the artist worked closely and iteratively with Kaiser representatives. The artist showed numerous options Photoshopped on the destination walls. Final choices were base on how those pieces would look in the designated spaces. There was productive back and forth exploration to find the best printing techniques and materials.

Additional Information

This project placed artworks in three separate Kaiser headquarters buildings and required fluid collaboration between the artist and team members from Kaiser and two separate interior design firms.