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Color Painted Stainless Steel Sculpture-Growing


Location: Qiangdao, China

Completion date: 2017

Project Team

Sculpture design

Sculpture artist

Sculpture manufacturer

Sino Sculpture Group Limited


This artwork named Growing, looks like four pillars cuddling each other, growing up, Spraying green on the surface is a symbol of vitality, looking far away is like a vine that keeps climbing up. Such a vivid sculpture was installed in Qingdao city, China in 2017, which is a very new city decoration. From we receiving the design from the artist, totally take 3 months to optimize, fabricate and install on-site. This whole piece’s size is 25 meters high (82 feet), there is no doubt that it is an outdoor sculpture, therefore, more strict on the material used.


Except for clean and tidy mirror polished sculpture, relatively bleak but generous matte sculpture, this color painted stainless steel sculpture is a more lively and modern artwork which is made for Young Chinese contemporary sculpture artist.


Design, model optimization, fabrication, surface painting, transportation, on-site installation.

Additional Information

We adopt 316 stainless steel both surface skin and internal structure for this creature, cause 316 stainless steel is a permanent, corrosion and oxidation resistant material. Long-exposure to the air is also not easy to rust, good to maintain the original appearance of the sculpture. Its completion not only realized the original intention of the artist's creation, but also added a vivid stroke to the city.