Cloisters on the Platte - CODAworx

Cloisters on the Platte

Client: Joe Rickets - Cloisters on the Platte

Location: Gretna, NE, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team

Design, Sculpting, Scanning, 3D Printing investable Casting Patterns

Rob Arps

FORM 3D Foundry

Design, Sculpting

George Lundeen, Lynn Kircher, Jay Warren, Martin Eichinger, Dee Clements

Bronze Casting

Parks Bronze, Art Castings of Colorado, Dragon Castings, TW Bronze


Enlarged from half-life sculptures, 3D Printed for Direct Casting at 7′ scale.

In addition to designing and sculpting 1 of the 14 stations, FORM also spearheaded the scanning and 3D printing processes for The Stations of The Cross. This unique workflow, integrating technology with traditional sculpting, made the quick 3 year turnaround possible for this ambitious 60+ figure bronze installation.


Located at The Cloisters on the Platte, the Stations of the Cross is a 2,500 foot long walking tour with audio meditations, comprised of 14 sculpture stations that represent Christ’s trial through his burial.


Over 60 figures were sculpted at half-life scale at 6 different sculpting studios throughout the country. Upon completion in clay, FORM's Scan Team travelled to each studio and captured high res scans of each element. The digital models were then enlarged to a heroic, 7' scale and 3D Printed in an investable material for Direct Casting without molds.

Each foundry communicated their needs, as far as wall thickness and panel sizes, and the prints were engineered accordingly.

Additional Information

By sculpting at half-life size, each artist team was able to compete their stations more efficiently. High res scans allowed for accurate scale-up to the final heroic scale without the need to re-sculpt. Unlike wax patterns that tend to warp and curl at the edges, 3D printed casting panels are rigid and have a consistent wall thickness. Assembly in metal can happen quickly, as there is less need for revisions to the panels. Other processes include life scanning, Cast clay from 3D Printed molds, and 3D Printed armatures.