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Circle of Thirds

Client: Community Foundation of Sarasota

Location: Sarasota, FL, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $65,000


Circle of Thirds is composed of ribbons and aluminum. 15’-0” t x 10’ w x 12’ d. The piece moves through a color spectrum of deep red, into poppy, and then into a world of pinks with splashes of orange.


The piece, named Circle of Thirds is representative of the three supporting and connected stakeholders of the Community Foundation - donors, nonprofits and the community. Patterson describes the reasoning behind the name Circle of Thirds, “I love the idea of circle - we are all one - we give and what we give and how we give circles back to nourish us too. By using the word "thirds" it is clear that without all three parties the whole will not be complete. ”


Roxie Jerde, the CEO of The Community Foundation of Sarasota, had two criteria for the project: it had to incorporate community contributions and also had to include the three components of the Community Foundation’s mission — the community, nonprofits and donors.

Patterson collaborated with Alta Vista students, donors and other Community Foundation stakeholders while creating the piece. The ribbons start as deep red, move into a pure red, then into a world of pinks with splashes of orange sprinkled in. The colors express a vibrancy and an energy, representing the Community Foundation’s central role in caring for the heart of the community, while at the same time, the nature of the material and the softness and movement of the ribbons create a piece of art that is welcoming, inviting and accessible.