Waterfall Video Wall – Salesforce Lobby - CODAworx

Waterfall Video Wall – Salesforce Lobby

Client: Obscura Digital | Salesforce

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team

Industry Resource - digital content studio - waterfall design & creation

Fusion CI Studios

Industry Resource - supervising digital agency

Obscura Digital

Industry Resource - Display Provider & Manufacturer

SNA Displays

Industry Resource - Back End

Analogue Way


Obsura Digital reached out to Fusion CI Studios for its fluid fx expertise to create a one-of-a-kind computer-generated (CG) waterfall for a digital display installation in the Salesforce Lobby, downtown San Francisco. The actual dimensions of this fabulous SNA Displays creation have fluctuated a bit, but the final word from Obscura is 108 glorious feet long – the longest continuous 3.9mm LED screen in America, with over 7 million pixels at 8,112 x 960 resolution! The finest compliments Fusion CI Studios received are from those who have mistaken this digital waterfall as a waste of real water during California’s epic drought!
APEX Award winner.




Full case study describing the collaboration process and the intense technical challenges in simulating and rendering a natural-looking computer-generated waterfall is here: www.fusioncis.com/press/SalesForceWaterfall.pdf or https://vimeo.com/419643228

Additional Information

Fusion's focus is on transforming spaces with digital canvases. LED/LCD screens are prolific now and creative content is a challenge for all of our clients. We believe these screen are 3-dimensional canvases that can be used for far more than way-finding or advertising. They can be a key component in interior design - visually extending a physical space, creating environments that transform the atmosphere, even becoming a destination feature for guests.