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Capital One Atrium

Submitted by Carter Hodgkin

Client: Capital One

Location: McLean, VA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $90,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Sheryl Fiegel

Art Specialists LLC


Carter Hodgkin

Carter Hodgkin

Art Consultant

Anne Fletcher

Capital One Art Program


Capital One wanted a signature artwork for their new headquarters in McLean, VA. In 2017, I created Transmigration, a glass tile mosaic for their event space. The mosaic is 45 feet wide and 12 feet high.


Integrating the design was important for this frequently-trafficed event space. The building houses a data center so my digitally-inspired imagery reflected the building's use. The mosaic depicts a gravitational force forming loops and arrays of particles emanating from the ceiling of a 12’ x 45’ wall. Pixellated mosaic tesserae travel and traverse a long horizontal space creating a powerful sense of movement to enliven a large atrium for the bank’s data center.


I was contacted by Sheryl Feigel, an art consultant for Capital One with whom I've worked for years. She presented my work and facilitated details such as funding and installation. She is a pleasure to work with and we completed the mosaic in record time for an early installation.